Foundation Repair in New Orleans, LA

Many New Orleans homes are at risk of damage from floods, hurricanes and other extreme weather events. This damage often affects the foundation or base of the home. It can be expensive to repair, but the damage only gets worse if it is left untreated. Foundational problems often include the land underneath the home.

An uneven surface underneath the home can put the entire structure at risk. If your New Orleans home has been damaged in this manner, take immediate steps to get the foundation repaired. Each case is unique and must be evaluated based on the specific traits of the property and the damage that was done.

What is Foundation Repair?

Foundation repair is the term used for the entire process of evaluating, assessing and repairing damage to the foundation of a property. This is necessary when the damage is so extensive that an entire rebuilding plan becomes necessary. In New Orleans, many homes have sustained damage at the foundation level, and this can depreciate the property as well as cause secondary problems.

The assessment of the home should evaluate a variety of components that must be replaced. Repair work can be done on the foundation sills or joists, which can break or become eroded with exposure to water. Other methods can be utilized to deal with surrounding structures including the effects on the land beneath the home. Damaged foundations will often attract termites that use moist wood for nesting.

How Do We Repair a Foundation?

There are many techniquesm that can be used to repair the foundation of a New Orleans home. A professional inspection of the property is essential. Once the extent of the damage is fully understood, a plan for repairs can be crafted. This might include leveling the property if the damage is severe enough; however, in other cases, the sills and joists might simply be replaced. This is usually the case in homes where termite infestations occur.

In addition, concrete pilings can replace older wood pilings that have sustained serious damage. Home elevation and leveling can be done if the damage is so extreme that the building becomes unstable. The porch areas can be leveled and even straightened, and raising the home is optional in some cases.

Any thorough foundation assessment should lead directly to a plan of action. However, the work can’t begin until the homeowner becomes aware of the extent of the problem. The warning signs that a foundation repair might be necessary are rarely obvious to the untrained eye. Therefore, a list of warning signs are included below to help homeowners in New Orleans determine if they require professional assistance.

Warning signs that the home’s foundation may need repair include the following:

  • Door frames might become separated from the part of the home surrounding the frame.
  • Rotten beams and other support structures can contribute to the erosion of the home’s integrity.
  • Bowing in the walls or other supportive areas of the building indicate severe damage.
  • Cracked tiles and other cracks on the exterior of the building indicate the kind of structural damage that might require repairs at the foundation level.

Foundation Assessments

There are many steps that must be taken in order to conduct a foundational assessment. Experienced service professionals are fully trained to evaluate any New Orleans home to determine if the foundationa damage is extensive enough to require repairs. Homeowners can benefit from obtaining a complete assessment of the property. Foundational problems will not resolve without intervention. Contact a qualified assessment professional to determine the best course of action.