House shoring refers to the process of raising and supporting a house or other structure using props when it is at the risk of collapsing or to enable repairs. It is one of the important steps carried out to stabilize a house or other structure while in the process of repairing. All foundations are prone to movement over the years. As the movement happens, weight distribution may become imbalanced. Therefore, shoring your New Orleans house is important as it restores an equal weight distribution and secures the foundation.

How Shoring is Done

The process of house shoring begins with pinpointing an issue in the foundation. Once this has been done, then the house will be braced, lifted and secured into place so as to not move while other repairs will be conducted.

To ensure that shoring of your New Orleans home is done right, it is important that you hire a professional.

If you plan on having your home shored, it is important to note that there are a few ways of shoring of homes. The shoring method used is dependant on the conditions of the site including ground water conditions, soil conditions, and the loads to be held by the structure.

Reasons to Have your House Shored

  • Protecting homes from floods - One of the benefits of shoring is securing structures from floods. New Orleans is highly susceptible to floods from natural rainfall and the neighboring Lake Pontchartrain and Mississippi River.
  • Increasing the value of your property - shoring your New Orleans house can dramatically increase its value. Besides, houses that have been elevated are thought to be more secure as their foundations are stable. Therefore, they attract a higher market price than those that are not shored
  • Lower flood insurance premiums- shoring your house helps to secure it from floods. Therefore, insurers are likely to charge you less premiums because your home is less likely to be affected by floods in New Orleans.


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