Construction Framing

The skeleton of a house refers to the materials used to build it, its foundation, and how it is constructed. These elements determine the structural integrity of the building. A well-built house with solid foundation will last for many years to come. Whether you’re remodeling, buying a ready built house, or building your dream home from scratch, it is necessary to understand the basics of what goes on in your house’s structure. After all, you will be living in it, so it is vital that you trust the roof that is literally above your head.

This skeleton framing gives the shape, support, and framework for the exterior fixtures of the house. Understanding which parts are critical in the framing is necessary, so you don’t compromise and damage its strength when doing any renovation work. Going with the right constructions framing contractors you can trust is vital for your protection and safety.

What is Construction Framing?

Every single house has a skeleton or a frame which gives it its shape and structure. This is fitting together materials to achieve that. Recently, modern houses have now begun to utilize steel framing. But majority of the house in the market today rely on wood. This practice has a long history and it has started since the early 1900s. These framing includes wood beams, wall studs, roof rafters, floor joists, and the like.

The primary concern of framing is the strength because it determines the longevity of the house. A well-built frame means that house has the capacity to withstand the test of time. Construction framing contractors ensures the structural integrity of the dream house you are looking to move into. They verify that all the parts of the frame are fit to size and are connected properly. They inspect and/ or build this in compliance with all the necessary building codes, which are reliant on basic engineering principles on load or weight bearing.

It is vital to have some awareness of these concepts because making drastic changes with your home can result in dire consequences. For instance, if removing a wall that is weight-bearing may lead the floors to sag if you don’t reinforce the structure. The worst-case scenario is that this portion of the house can even collapse. That’s why it is important to deal with a professional construction framing contractors when you’re thinking of renovating one of the old houses here in New Orleans. You can’t just rip and tear without taking into account the history and backbone of the house.

How is Framing Done?

The basic way to do framing is to measure precisely. Everything hinges on the numbers. Quality materials must also be used from the very start, so nothing is compromised. Framing is not only the wooden beams, but it incorporates many other elements. Framing also includes the construction and installation of the following:

  • Floor joists
  • Subflooring
  • Exterior walls
  • Exterior door frames
  • Interior support wall frames and stairs
  • Trusses
  • Roof rafters

All of these are used in constructing a sound home that can bear the elements of nature, the curse of time, and wear and tear from people living in it. On top of that, these materials are forged together with these parts of the home in mind: placement of load bearing walls, non-bearing walls as partition, enduring wind and seismic loads, the strength of the foundation and footing, and finally, roof framing.

All of these fall under basic house framing principles that all homeowners must be informed about. If you’re all set on moving to a new home, remodeling, or building on an empty lot here in New Orleans, the first step that you have to do is consult with a professional framing contractor, so they can help make certain that your money that you want to invest in a home will not go to waste.