House Raising

When performing house raising services, our experienced crews create durable supports (cribbing) to temporarily stabilize the home, and once we elevate a house, the services tremendously reduce the effects of floods, augment the long-term value of the home, minimize the costs of repairs and stabilize the entire house. Our house-raising specialists utilize high-quality jacks that can safely raise the house and protect the home's foundation.

Fortifying the Foundation and Increasing the Durability of the House

When we construct the new foundation supports, we utilize materials that can withstand consistent winds, most types of debris, weak soil and floods that could destabilize other homes. If a flood occurs the design can reduce the force of the water and minimize the risk of damage.

Reducing the Effects of Floods and Improving a House's Durability

After a flood has occurred, our high-quality designs could decrease the costs of repairs by more than 90 percent. The elevated homes may also give protection to valuable belongings, furniture, important heirlooms and electronics. The raised houses can also minimize the risks of injuries during a major storm.

Sometimes, floods could cause houses to shift, and these movements may damage numerous walls, the joints, sizable windows, the floors, and beams that stabilize the roof. When a homeowner experiences a large flood, a durable foundation can effectively prevent the entire home from shifting. Consequently, the new supports could also safeguard the upper sections of a house during a flood.

Decreasing the Costs of Insurance

Generally, insurance companies can substantially raise the monthly costs of insurance plans if homes are in flood prone areas. When a homeowner is searching for a new insurance policy, a company's experts may examine nearby rivers, the area's elevation, bayous that could increase the risk of floods, and the effects of previous storms. Once our company raises a house, the improvements could significantly reduce the costs of home and flood insurance, and the homeowner may become eligible for better insurance policies that offer lower deductibles.

Increasing the Value of Your Home

If a neighborhood is situated near a bayou or a lake, a raised house can attract more interested buyers who may make numerous offers. According to one report, house raising services could augment a home's value by more than 25 percent. Throughout Louisiana, some individuals will only buy raised homes that are located near beaches and lakes, and during the next 15 years, the average worth of raised houses might tremendously increase because of rising water levels.

Customizing Our Services and Utilizing the Best Techniques

When our specialists elevate a house, we have studied the area's soil and damage that other floods have caused. We will also examine the home's width, the number of floors, the condition of the foundation and various local regulations. Subsequently, our business can offer a detailed estimate, and we may indicate the duration of the project and describe the materials.


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