Structural repair work is one of our specialties. When you’re dealing with the very foundation of your home, you want a general contractor that you can trust. Why not choose a New Orleans based company with 25 years of experience repairing the structural problems of New Orleans homes?

Your home may be suffering from structural damage either from natural disasters, as the result of poor craftsmanship, or simply wear and tear due to the structure’s age.  No matter the source of the problem, we are able to quickly diagnose the issue through a thorough assessment of the structural foundation damage.

After our assessment, we will take the necessary actions that will ensure your home is stabilized and safe.  We are able to provide support and strengthen cracked or weakened structural foundations.


Specializing in framing, Richard Earls Construction, LLC is committed to providing honest, top-quality framing services in New Orleans, LA. Our personnel are hand-picked for experience in framing, and we take pride in the excellence of our products and services.


Give us a call to find out more, or come in during office hours to get an idea of the quality of work we do.

Structural Repair Example

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